Affiliate Theme Showcase

All the colors

This new template comes with two color schemes already installed: the default light theme, and one that is dark. Beyond that, with the help of IT and the Office of External Relations (OER), your site can be customized to complement any color scheme or brand.

The Light Color Scheme

This base color scheme features the Harvard Chan School’s primary visual language. This scheme is ideal for professor labs and projects closely aligned with the school’s primary work and priorities, all wrapped in a simplistically designed messaging vehicle.
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The Dark Color Scheme

Perfect for research labs with rich colorful imagery, the Dark Color Scheme features a textured grey background with crimson accents. This darker theme comes with all the features available in the lighter base template, but with a small dash of drama and edge.
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In Practice

These are examples of real-life implementations of the new Affiliate template. Some have opted to use one of the standard color schemes, light or dark, while others have enlisted the help of IT and the OER to tailor the theme’s styles to their unique identities.

Women And Health Commission

A collaboration between The Harvard Chan School, The University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, and The Lancet, the site for the Women And Health Commission is tailor-made to align with this organization’s unique visual identity.
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HQSS Commission

Similar to Women and Health, the Lancet Global Health Commission on High Quality Health Systems in the SDG Era (HQSS Commission) is a collaboration with Harvard Chan School’s Dr. Margaret Kruk and The Lancet Global Health. This site is custom designed to align with the commissions brand.
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