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We are planning three workshops as part of this project; our team also will be discussing our progress to‐date and soliciting feedback at other meetings. More information on these events is provided below and will be periodically updated. To receive related notifications, please sign‐up for our email list.

Upcoming Events

Guidelines Workshop
Spring 2019 (tentative)
Gates Foundation, Seattle, Washington
During this one‐day workshop, we will discuss the final guidance that results from this project, including principles, methodological specifications and reporting standards. 

Past Events

Project Workshops

Methods and Case Studies Workshop
November 2-3, 2017
Harvard University, Boston, MA
During this one and one-half day workshop, we discussed the draft methods papers and case studies and their initial recommendations as well as future steps. The workshop featured a conversation between Lawrence H. Summers and Dean Jamison and remarks from Sue J. Goldie. To view the agenda, presentations, and video, please use this link.

Scoping Workshop
May 11, 2017
Gates Foundation, Seattle, Washington
At this one‐day workshop, we presented the initial conclusions of the scoping report and further discussed current practices, barriers to the conduct of benefit‐cost analysis, and key challenges to be addressed by this project. The agenda, slides, and video are posted here.

Other Events

Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis Annual Meeting
March 14-16, 2018
George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
Session Title: A.1 Methods for Benefit-Cost Analysis in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Chair: Lisa A. Robinson
Participants: James K. Hammitt, James E. Neumann

Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting
December 10‐14, 2017
Crystal Gateway Marriott, Arlington, VA
Session Title: Principles, Methods, and Standards for Benefit-Cost Analysis in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Time: Tuesday, December 12, 10:30 am–12:00 pm
Chair: Lisa A. Robinson
Participants: Maureen Cropper, Chris Dockins, James K. Hammitt, Sandra Hoffmann, James E. Neumann, and Urvashi Narain

International Health Economics Association World Congress
July 8-11, 2017
Boston University, Boston, MA
Session Title: Principles, Methods, and Standards for Benefit-Cost Analysis
Time: Tuesday, July 11, 8:00-9:30 AM
Chair: Lisa A. Robinson
Participants: David Wilson, Dean Jamison, James K. Hammitt, and Thomas Wilkinson.

Society for Benefit‐Cost Analysis Annual Meeting
March 15‐17, 2017
George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
This conference included many presentations that are relevant to this project; two sessions focused specifically on our work. Presentations are now posted here.

Session Title: Developing a Reference Case for BCA in Low‐ and Middle‐Income Countries
Chair: James K. Hammitt
Participants: David Wilson, Thomas Wilkinson, and Lisa A. Robinson

Session Title: Valuing Mortality Risk Reductions in Low‐ and Middle‐Income Countries: Addressing Data Gaps and Inconsistencies
Chair: Lisa A. Robinson
Participants: Nils Axel Braathen, Maureen Cropper, James K. Hammitt, Alan Krupnick, Urvashi Narain, and W. Kip Viscusi