Phase 2: Prepare Methods Papers and Case Studies

The second phase of the project includes developing methods papers and case studies to support the extension of the iDSI Reference Case to include benefit-cost analysis. The initial drafts of these papers were reviewed by selected experts, posted online for public comment, and discussed in a November 2-3, 2017 workshop at Harvard University. We are now updating these papers to reflect the many very thoughtful and helpful comments we have received.

The initial drafts of the methods papers can be downloaded using the links below.

These methods papers build on our scoping report and discuss the conceptual framework, review the relevant literature, and suggest analytic approaches that can be feasibly implemented in the near‐term. They also identify priorities for future research. Although these papers will provide the basis for the benefit-cost analysis reference case guidance, the reference case may ultimately deviate from their recommendations in some areas.

In addition, case studies will be used to demonstrate the effects of the different choices discussed in the methods papers. Two preliminary case studies have been completed and can be downloaded using the links below. They will be updated to reflect the recommendations in the revised methods papers as well as the many very useful and insightful comments we have received.

We expect to commission additional case studies, which will likely include completed cost‐effectiveness analyses that adhere as closely as possible to the existing reference case requirements, so as to provide examples of the similarities and differences between cost‐effectiveness analysis and benefit‐cost analysis. The case studies will also likely include testing the effect of different methodological choices on the conclusions of previously completed benefit‐cost analyses.