CREDI Materials

CREDI Material Overview and Flow Chart

General Information


CREDI Assessor Manual 29 January 2018

CREDI Scoring Manual 8 June 2018

RedCAP Instructions

CREDI Short Form

CREDI Short-Form Questionnaire 21 February 2018

CREDI Illustrations to support Short Form Survey Tool 29 January 2018

CREDI Item Guide Short Form 29 January 2018

CREDI Short Form Scoring Table Excel 31-May-2018

CREDI Long Form

CREDI Long Form 29 Jan 2018 v2

CREDI Illustrations to support Long-Form 29 January 2018

CREDI Item Guide Long Form 30 October 2018

CREDI Long Form Item Domain Mapping 5 September 2018

CREDI Long Form Template for KoBo and ODK (XLSForm)

CREDI Domain Guidance 17-Oct-2018

CREDI Translations

Please click here to access translations of the CREDI to other languages. Please note that these translations have been kindly provided by other users of the tool and should be carefully checked prior to use. We would be delighted to receive any new or improved translations from you.

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