Pilot Project FAQ

CRESSH supports pilot project applications for activities that would be synergistic with Center activities and themes and that could produce preliminary data to compete for independent funding. While we will accept applications on a range of topics, we strongly encourage applications that would include elements of research translation and community engagement, either as the primary focus or connected with the research efforts. Activities could include (but not be limited to) proposals to:

  • Utilize the geospatial disparities database to test new hypotheses or conduct new analyses;
  • Apply statistical or analytical methods being developed in the Center to other stressors or communities;
  • Transfer environmental monitoring or data collection strategies developed within the Center to other stressors or communities
  • Develop new methods that would help inform the scope of stressors or health outcomes under study within the Center
  • Design or test an intervention based on existing health disparities research;
  • Develop and evaluate novel approaches for research translation or community engagement.

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