Pic of a booklet Gary developed with Mass Art StudentsRelated Readings

Project 1: HEAL

PM2.5 and Mortality in 207 US Cities: Modification by Temperature and City Characteristics

Summer Temperature Variability and Long-Term Survival Among Elderly People with Chronic Disease

Susceptibility to Mortality in Weather Extremes Effect Modification by Personal and Small-Area Characteristics

A National Case-Crossover Analysis of the Short-Term Effect of PM2.5 on Hospitalizations and Mortality in Subjects with Diabetes and Neurological Disorders

Changing Patterns of the Temperature-Mortality Association by Time and Location in the US, and Implications for Climate Change

Project 2: HOME

Moving Environmental Justice Indoors: Understanding Structural Influences on Residential Exposure Patterns in Low-income Communities

Environmental Conditions in Low-Income Urban Housing: Clustering and Associations With Self-Reported Health

Indoor Air Quality in Green vs. Conventional Multi-family Low-income Housing

Project 3: MAP-EHD

Incorporating concepts of inequality and inequity into health benefits analysis

Community Engagement

A Walk in the Park: The Influence of Urban Parks and Community Violence on Physical Activity in Chelsea, MA

Meeting People Where They Are: Engaging Public Housing Residents for Integrated Pest Management

Engaging Communities in Research on Cumulative Risk and Social Stress-Environment Interactions: Lessons Learned from EPA’s STAR Program