Affiliate Sites have built in features that make your website easy to customize. Common features are even easier to use in the most recent release, so there are fewer shortcodes to remember.

Brand new features

These new features will help you organize content with more power and precision.

The People Content Type

Organize your group’s people with more ease than ever before. The new People Content Type is a powerful tool to add, organize, and categorize the people that make your organization move.
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The Research Content Type

Research calls for clean, authoritative organization. The Research Content Type is a streamlined publishing style to present your research with gravitas. Research pages can accommodate a large feature image. Content is displayed at full-width (1024px wide) to host large images and data charts.
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The New Carousel

Use breathtaking imagery to highlight your group’s mission. This multi-slide, full-width option includes a blurred overlay for the relevant title, description, and link you want to feature.
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Text-only Homepage Header

Don’t have a high-resolution photo to use? No problem. Use the text-only header to make your headline pop.

Video or Motif Image Header

Similar to the new carousel, the video or motif image header is a full-width, visual option that allows you to embed a background-style video at the top of your page. The alternate motif option is perfect for when you want an image to repeat across all your site’s pages.

Homepage Content Boxes

Content boxes allow you to highlight important facts, links, and events that stand out at the bottom of your page.
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News-style Blog

It has never been easier to blog on the Harvard Chan platform. Using the news-style blog allows your group to easily publish the latest information your viewers care about.
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Same great core features

Built in features make your website easy to customize. Common features have been made even easier to use, so there are fewer shortcodes to remember. Two new content types are also being introduced: Research and People.

Post Elements

Post elements are a new way to add information to your site that makes it stand out to the user. It’s easier than ever to insert elements into your page, each page editor now comes with an “Add Post Element” button at the top. These include:

Content boxes:

A content box title looks like this!

A content box body text looks like this! This is some extra text to create an example of what a completely filled out content box will look like in practical use on your Harvard Chan School custom site. Content boxes can be used for many things, right?
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