About the Consortium

The Partnership for Global Health Research Training Program directly responds to the HBNU-Fogarty International Center call to support capacity building in lower- and middle income countries (LMICs) and the United States (U.S.) to train the next generation of public health innovators and leaders to address these challenges. The Program provides mentored research opportunities to train and prepare a new cadre of health professionals in the U.S. and LMICs dedicated to research, health services, and academic careers. Specifically, it aims to enhance the trainees’ ability to independently plan, implement, and assess innovative clinical or operations research focused on reducing the mortality and morbidity associated with: HIV/AIDS and associated co-infections, NCDs including cardiovascular disease and diabetes, mental health, and maternal child health and nutrition (MCHN). In addition to mentored research in these priority health areas, training will include didactic components to develop competency in rigorous research design and methods, evaluation and analytic capacity, regulatory issues and cross-cultural collaboration.

The Program brings together leading academic research institutions with longstanding relationships in LMICs throughout Africa and Asia in a variety of disciplines and with multidisciplinary research capacities. The four U.S. academic research institutions that will anchor our consortium are:

  • Harvard University (Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, Department of Global Health and Population)
  • Boston University (School of Public Health, Center for Global Health and Development)
  • Northwestern University (Center for Global Health, Feinberg School of Medicine)
  • University of New Mexico (School of Medicine, Center for Global Health)


The University of Puerto Rico serves as an associate member of the consortium.