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Below is the list of U.S. mentors from Northwestern University and their area(s) of expertise. Please click on the mentor you are interested in to learn more about their experience and contact information. LMIC site mentors can be found on their respective site pages.

Please note that the HBNU Program supports applicants who wish to conduct research in areas including but not limited to those listed below. If you wish to work with a mentor who is not on the list and/or has a different research focus area, and is based at one of the four consortium universities, please notify the HBNU team. We are happy to consider additional mentors for the program.

Research Area Key
NCD: Non-Communicable Disease
MH: Mental Health
MCHN: Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition


Mentor Area(s) of Research
Robert Murphy
Chad Achenbach
Claudia Hawkins
Jane Holl
Lifang Hou
Mark Huffman
Donald M Lloyd-Jones
Babafemi Taiwo
Linda Van Horn
Lisa Hirschhorn
Michael Fagen
Jennifer Jao    
Igor Koralnik