Our lab studies how pathogens evolve and spread. We use experimental and computational tools to test our hypotheses, and collaborate with clinical and public health institutions. We focus on questions of antibiotic resistance, within-host evolution and between-host transmission, and pathogen response to host immune pressures. Our overall aim is to improve diagnostics, therapeutics, and clinical and public health strategies to aid in the control of infectious diseases.

Updates from the Lab

Apr 2018 Congratulations to both Daphne and Allison on passing their PQEs!

Mar 2018 Our paper on the resurgence of mumps in highly vaccinated populations is now out in Science Translational Medicine.

Feb 2018 Our paper on why the influenza H3N2 vaccine effectiveness in the 2012-13 season was modest at best is now out in CID.

Feb 2018 Yonatan visited EBI and the Wellcome Sanger Institute — had a great time visiting folks and giving a talk!

Feb 2018 Yonatan participated in a panel discussion about the flu season — thanks very much to the folks at The Forum at HSPH!

Feb 2018 Dan Rubin from the MD-PhD program is rotating in the lab. Welcome, Dan!

Nov 2017 Congrats to Sanjat, whose paper just came out in JCM!

Oct 2017 Yonatan gave a talk in the 116th International Titisee Conference, a conference titled, “From pathogen evolution to microbiome dynamics”. A great group of people, lots of exciting science.

Oct 2017 Yonatan gave a keynote talk at the ASM conference on rapid applied microbial sequencing and bioinformatics pipelines. Notes on the talks from this conference can be found here.

Sept 2017 Congratulations to Kevin, whose undergraduate thesis work was just published!

Sept 2017 Now on bioRxiv: work with Joe Lewnard on what explains the resurgence of mumps in the US. Our take: it’s waning vaccine induced immunity.

Sept 2017 Welcome to new post-doc Tatum Mortimer, bringing her bioinformatics and pathogen genomics expertise to the lab! We’re excited to have you join the group!

Aug 2017 A new paper from the lab, working closely with Ashleigh Tuite and colleagues from the Prevention Policy Modeling Lab to investigate the potential impact of rapid diagnostics on antibiotic resistance in gonorrhea.

August 2017 Welcome to Yi Wang, who has joined the lab as a research assistant!

August 2017 New paper on the intrahost diversity of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) over the course of individual infections in experimentally infected healthy adults and naturally infected infants; building on our prior work in collaboration with colleagues at the Broad Institute and the DeVincenzo lab at UTHSC.

July 2017 New paper reporting genome sequence of an enterovirus from CSF of a patient with orchitis and aseptic meningitis — bringing genomics into the clinical lab! Fun collaboration with the Sabeti lab, among others at the Broad Institute and BWH/MGH.

July 2017 At the STI & HIV World Conference, Yonatan gave a talk entitled, “Integrating population genomics and mathematical modeling to control antibiotic resistance in gonococcus,” as part of the symposium on “Mathematical modeling and decision making in the world of STIs.”

July 2017 Lucas Buyon from the Biological Sciences in Public Health  program is rotating in the lab. Welcome, Lucas! And to our delight, Kevin Ma, now also in BPH, is doing his first rotation with us.

July 2017 From project started a few years ago with Sarah Cobey, and done in collaboration with Scott Hensley, and colleagues at JCVI, UChicago, Boston Children’s Hospital, and Stanford, our bioRxiv preprint: Despite egg-adaptive mutations, the 2012-13 H3N2 influenza vaccine induced comparable antibody titers to the intended strain

May 2017 Yonatan had a fantastic visit to the University of Oslo — thanks to Mike Koomey for hosting and his amazing hospitality!

April 2017  A BioRxiv preprint of great work from Sanjat and a number of great lab members and colleagues: Increasing Antibiotic Susceptibility In Staphylococcus aureus In Boston, Massachusetts, 2000-2014: An Observational Study

April 2017 Our first BioRxiv preprint: the impact of rapid susceptibility testing and antibiotic selection strategy on the emergence and spread of antibiotic resistance in gonorrhea — great work with Ashleigh Tuite and colleagues!

March 2017 Debra Van Egeren from the Systems Biology program is rotating in the lab. Welcome, Debra!

March 2017 Hurray, Kevin! We’re delighted that Kevin won an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Well done!

March 2017 Congratulations to Sanjat, selected to be the Clinical Microbiology Fellow at Brigham and Women’s Hospital starting in July!

February 2017 Yonatan spoke at the US-Japan Cooperative Medical Sciences Program 2017 meeting in Seoul.

January 2017 Jacob Shenker from the Systems Biology program is rotating in the lab. Welcome, Jacob!

January 2017 Adam Nitido, a graduate student in the Harvard Virology PhD program, is doing a rotation in the lab. Welcome, Adam!

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