Lab Updates

January 2017 Jacob Shenker from the Systems Biology program is rotating in the lab. Welcome, Jacob!

January 2017 Adam Nitido, a graduate student in the Harvard Virology PhD program, is doing a rotation in the lab. Welcome, Adam!

December 2016 Yonatan gave a talk at the Broad Institute Retreat. Lots of exciting science going on at the Broad.

December 2016 Daphne Sun, a Systems Biology graduate student, is doing a rotation in the lab. Welcome, Daphne!

November 2016 The lab welcomes Michelle Long, who will be working as a Research Assistant. Welcome, Michelle!

October 2016 Scott Olesen joins the lab for his post-doctoral fellowship, coming from Eric Alm’s lab across town in the Department of Biological Engineering at MIT. Welcome, Scott!

September 2016 Yonatan spoke at the Lake Arrowhead Microbial Genomics Meeting. Fantastic meeting!

September 2016 Yonatan and colleagues publish a paper on the genetic basis of antibiotic resistance in gonococcus, in collaboration with colleagues at the CDC, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, and HMS.

September 2016 Samantha Palace joins the lab for her post-doctoral fellowship, coming from UMass Medical School where she worked with Jon Goguen in the Department of Microbiology and Physiological Systems. Welcome, Sam!

September 2016 The lab welcomes Allison Hicks, a Systems Biology graduate student, who is rotating in the lab this fall.

July 2016 Yonatan is excited and honored to receive the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Clinical Scientist Development Award.

July 2016 The lab welcomes BPH graduate students Eddie Irvine and Joanna Olivas, who are doing rotations in the lab this summer.

June 2016 Yonatan wins the 2016
ICAAC Young Investigator Award

May 2016 The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awarded the Global Grand Challenges Explorations grant proposal, ‘From clinic to cloud: crowdsourcing resistance surveillance’, led by Bill Hanage and on which Yonatan is a co-PI.

March 2016 Yonatan and Sarah Fortune pen a News and Views piece on an excellent paper that moves from epidemiology to the genetic basis of virulence:

Yonatan and colleagues publish a paper on approaches to integrating multiple types of approaches to address problems in antibiotic resistant gonorrhea:

Feb 2016 Crista Wadsworth joins the lab for her post-doctoral fellowship, coming from the Dopman Lab in the Dept of Biology at Tufts University. Welcome, Crista!

Jan 2016 Yonatan speaks at the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution Satellite meeting on pathogen evolution in Nagano, Japan

Kevin Ma joins the lab to pursue his undergraduate thesis. Welcome, Kevin!