Editorial Board and Terms of Reference

Editorial Board

Jennifer Leaning, FXB Center Director
Cathy Albisa
Philip Alston
Jacqueline Bhabha
Agnès Binagwaho
Manuel Carballo
Audrey Chapman
Brian E. Concannon Jr.
Lawrence Cox
Martha Davis
Sheila Davis
Ernest Drucker
Harvey Fineberg
Julio Frenk
Varun Gauri
H. Jack Geiger
Lawrence Gostin
Sofia Gruskin
Timothy Harding
Aart Hendriks
Howard Hu
Paul Hunt
Michael D. Kirby
Adetokunbo O. Lucas
Stephen P. Marks
Vivek Maru
Gregory B. Milne
Jaime Miranda
Chidi Odinkalu
Richard Parker
Jacqueline Pitanguy
Thomas Pogge
Julieta Rossi
Barbara Rylko-Bauer
Margaret L. Satterthwaite
Haun Saussy
Michael Selgelid
Amartya Sen
Gracelyn Smallwood
Margaret A. Somerville
Henry J. Steiner
Bryan Stevenson
Eric Stover
Daniel Tarantola
Monika Kalra Varma
Gavin Yamey
Alicia Ely Yamin

Executive Editorial Board

Cathy Albisa*
Jacqueline Bhabha
Oscar Cabrera*
Audrey Chapman*
Martha Davis
Sheila Davis*
Linda Fried*
Varun Gauri
Howard Hu*
Emmanuel Kabengele Mpinga*
Chidi Odinkalu
Jacqueline Pitanguy
Eric Stover*

*Members of the Harvard FXB Health and Human Rights Consortium 

Founding Editor
Jonathan Mann, 1994–1998

Harvard University Press

Editorial Board Terms of Reference

Editorial Board

The members of the Editorial Board advise the Executive Editor and editorial staff on all matters relating to the journal’s success and are encouraged to contribute substantively to Health and Human Rights work. Specifically, it is hoped that members of the Editorial Board will support Health and Human Rights in the following ways:

  1. By participating in periodic consultations, formal and informal, which the Executive Editor and editorial staff will undertake to assess the journal’s progress and plan for its future
  2. By disseminating information about Health and Human Rights and raising the journal’s profile among the institutions and constituencies in which Board members are active
  3. By assisting the editors in identifying qualified colleagues to peer-review submitted articles and/or contribute to the journal’s work in other ways
  4. By themselves supplying peer reviews of articles submitted to Health and Human Rights when requested to do so by the editorial staff, with the understanding that the editors will limit such demands on Editorial Board members’ time; Board members will not be asked to review more than one manuscript per year
  5. By contributing original scholarly work to Health and Human Rights

Executive Editorial Board

The members of the Executive Editorial Board counsel the Executive Editor and the Publisher on matters connected with the vision and goals of the journal.