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October 2016

Terminal Patients and the Right to Refuse Medical Treatment in Argentina
Martín Hevia and Daniela Schnidrig

Book Review: Advancing Global Health and Human Rights in this Neoliberal Era

Gillian MacNaughton

September 2016

Book review: Rethinking Health and Human Rights through Emancipatory Frameworks around Dignity and Well-being
Beatriz Galli

August 2016

Harvard FXB Health and Human Rights Consortium Student Essay Competition:
Human Rights, Law and Abortion in El Salvador
Alia Januwalla

Lessons from Jonathan Mann: The Ten Commandments on Multidrug Resistant TB

Michael Kirby

January 2016

Medical Hostages: Detention of Women and Babies in Hospitals

Delan Devakumar and Rob Yates

December 2015

Extending the Right to Health to the Moment of Death: End of Life Care and the Right to Palliation in Rwanda
Agnes Binagwaho, Sardis H. Harward, Theophile Dushime, Jean de Dieu Ngirabega, Parfait Uwaliraye, Cathy Mugeni, Kirstin W. Scott, Marie Aimee Muhimpundu, Jean Pierre Nyemazi

November 2015

Student Leadership in the Creation and Operation of an Asylum
Eleanor Emery, Carmen Stellar, Krista Dubin, Taryn Clark, Aynsley Duncan, Alejandro Lopez, Joanne Ahola, Terri Edersheim, and Nicole Sirotin

Making Medicines Accessible: Alternatives to the Flawed Patent System
Fran Quigley

Universal Healthcare? (Un)documented Migrants in Southeast Asia
CHAN Chee Khoon

October 2015

SDG SERIES: Full list of titles

September 2015

SDG SERIES: SDGs and the Importance of Formal Independent Review: An Opportunity for Health to Lead the Way
Paul Hunt

August 2015

The Right to Health in Indigenous Guatemala: Prevailing Historical Structures in the Context of Health Care
Alexander M. Lawton

Accelerating Progress in Tobacco Control: The Example of Tobacco Litigation in India and South Africa
Diya Uberoi

A Narrow Escape in Nepal: Reflections on Disaster Responses and Better Futures
Buddha Basnyat

July 2015

Physicians Trained to Work with Torture Survivors can add Critical Expertise in Jails
Ross MacDonald, Zachary Rosner, Homer Venters

Letter to the Editor and Author Response: Solitary Confinement and Mental Illness
Thomas Blair, Keramet Reiter; Sarah Glowa-Kollisch et al.

June 2015

The Trans-Pacific Partnership and Access to Medicines
Fran Quigley

April 2015

Improving International Accountability – A Tool for Protecting Health As a Basic Human Right
Agnès Binagwaho, Richard Freeman, Kirstin Scott, Anne Badrichani, Sardis Harward, Monique Mulindahabi, Corine Karema

October 2014

Sex Work and Trafficking: Can Human Rights Lead Us Out of the Impasse?
Tripti Tandon, Gabriel Armas-Cardona, Anand Grover

September 2014 

Health Litigation in Colombia: Have We Reached the Limit for the Judicialization of Health?
Daniel Alzate Mora

Navigating the Access to Information Challenge in Health Rights Litigation in Uganda
Namusobya Salima

Law, Human Rights, and Health Databases: A Roundtable Discussion
Joseph Amon

July 2014

Litigation for Claiming Health Rights: Insights From Tobacco Control
Upendra Bhojani, Pragati Hebbar, Vishal Rao, Vandana Shah

June 2014

In Their Court: Litigation Against the United Nations as a Last Resort for Haitian Cholera Victims
Adam Houston 

May 2014

The Post-2015 Development Agenda: Adherence to Human Rights Alone Is Inadequate
Saroj Jayasinghe

January 2014

The New Accountability for Doctors Who Torture
Steven H. Miles

December 2013

Cost of Indulgence: Rise in Violence and Suicides Among LGBT Youth in Russia
Oleg Kucheryavenko, Kirill Guskov, Michael Walker

November 2013

Letter to the Editor: Traditional/Alternative Medicines and the Right to Health
Ibrahim Garba and Nicolas Bakinde

August 2013

Access to HIV Prevention in Rwandan Prisons
Agnes Binagwaho

June 2013

Human Rights Provide Justification for the Health in All Policies Approach
Benjamin Mason Meier, Paul Henry Brodish, Meri Koivusalo

December 2012

Approaches to the Development of Human Rights Indicators for Women’s Health
Pamela J. Surkan, Luke C. Mullany, Namrita S. Singh, Chris Beyrer

April 2011

The Commission on Information and Accountability for Women’s and Children’s Health: Establishing international processes for state reporting to an independent monitoring body
Benjamin Mason Meier and Jocelyn Getgen Kestenbaum

August 2010

La participación social en un contexto de violencia política: Implicaciones para la promoción y ejercicio del derecho a la salud en Guatemala
Walter Flores, Ana Lorena Ruano, y Denise Phé Funchal

April 2010

Massachusetts health care reform
Beth Waldman

October 2009

Limitations on human rights in the context of drug-resistant tuberculosis: A reply to Boggio et al.
Joseph J. Amon, Françoise Girard, and Salmaan Keshavjee

August 2009

¿Deliberación democrática o mercadeo social? Los dilemas de la definición pública en salud en el contexto del seguimiento de la Sentencia
Camila Gianella-Malca, Oscar Parra-Vera, Alicia Ely Yamin, y Mauricio Torres-Tovar

April 2009

Holding multilateral organizations accountable: The failure of WHO in regards to childhood malnutrition
Agnès Binagwaho, Niloo Ratnayake, Mary C. Smith Fawzi