Health and Human Rights: Submissions

Health and Human Rights Journal, a peer-reviewed open access journal under the editorship of Partners in Health co-founder Paul Farmer,  is published twice a year, with new issues in June and December. Selected papers in press are made available prior to issue publication, thereby fast-tracking access to new research and enabling authors to cite their work early. Submissions are welcome at any time.

Types of Submissions 

Full papers

Perspective Essays

Letters to the Editor


Full papers

Full papers are original academic articles (research, commentary, operationalization of human rights-based approaches to health, and analysis) which contribute to, and advance, health and human rights literature. These manuscripts must be 3500-7000 words (including references), and if selected by the editorial committee, will undergo external  for peer review by at least two peers.

Health and Human Rights Journal welcomes articles that explore the centrality of the right to health in all social, economic, cultural, and environmental contexts. The Journal publishes a wide range of topics from a health and human rights perspective—please look at our recent issues to get a sense of the range. The editors welcome papers that consider contemporary global health issues as matters of human rights.

Full papers are published in every issue of the Journal and many may be published online ahead of the publication date as a “Paper in Press”.

Further detail about style and referencing is included in the Author Guidelines.

Perspective Essays

The editors welcome Perspective Essays which are shorter papers, up to 3000 words, including references. Perspective Essays provide authors with an opportunity to provide a well reasoned and evidence-informed viewpoint, which extends the health and human rights literature. Perspectives often engage with and examine leading edge issues, and are published on the website in advance of each issue, allowing timely responses to current debates. These manuscripts are reviewed by two external peers. They are published in the Perspectives Section of each issue of the Journal.

Further detail about editorial and reference style is included in the Author Guidelines.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor are welcome. These contributions should be no more than 2000 words in response to an Editorial, Full Paper or Perspective Essay published in the Journal. Letters are internally peer reviewed to check for accuracy and fairness.

Special Themes

Health and Human Rights Journal has a themed section in all issues. Calls for papers for these sections are made well in advance of the deadlines. The forthcoming Special Themes are also included on the website, with the names of the guest editors, information about the theme and author guidelines.


Health and Human Rights Blogs are published on the Journal website but are not included in the Journal itself.

Blogs are a less formal and shorter (about 600-800 words) article on a global health topic examined as a human rights issue. The editors frequently run a blog series, for example, SDG SERIES, or COP21 SERIES, to allow contributors to participate in, and shape, an important topical issue.

Blogs can either have hyperlinks or use our normal referencing style. The contributions are internally peer reviewed, for accuracy, relevance, and fairness.  We aim for a quick turnaround from receipt to publication which is important for the topical nature of blogs.

General submission information
All manuscripts submitted to  Health and Human Rights Journal  must not be before another publication for consideration.

All submissions are subject to initial assessment by the editorial committee to determine their suitability for publication.

Papers and Perspectives accepted for formal review will be sent to at least two independent referees with all authorship details removed. Typically the authors are advised of the outcome of the peer review phase within three months. The referees and editors may request more than one revision of a manuscript, and alternative referees may also be invited to review the manuscript at any time.

Please  submit all manuscripts to

For specific format details, please see “Author Guidelines.”