Latest Research Highlights: Coffee Intake and Colorectal Cancer

Published in Gastroenterology, 2017

Association Between Coffee Intake After Diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer and Reduced mortality.

Hu YDing MYuan CWu KSmith-Warner SAHu FBChan ATMeyerhardt JAOgino SFuchs CSGiovannucci ELSong M.

Coffee has anti-inflammatory and insulin-sensitizing properties that may contribute to its beneficial effect for reducing cancer growth and metastasis. We examined coffee intake in relation to survival among 1,599 patients diagnosed with nonmetastatic colorectal cancer in the HPFS and Nurses’ Health Study. We found that, compared with those who didn’t drink coffee, participants who drank at least four cups per day were 52% less likely to die from colorectal cancer and 30% less likely to die from any cause during the study period. For those who already drank coffee for at least 2 cups per day prior to diagnosis, maintaining this level of consumption after diagnosis was associated with 37% reduction in colorectal cancer mortality and 29% reduction in all-cause mortality when compared to participants who did not drink or drank less than 2 cups of coffee both before and after diagnosis. Similar benefits were found for both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee. The study provides evidence for the benefit of coffee drinking among patients with nonmetastatic colorectal cancer.