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What is a health system and how can it be assessed?

How to assess health system performance using the intermediate and final outcomes of the Control Knob framework

Health systems assessment of Odisha

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Working Papers

Recent case studies explore issues relevant to India's current context, such as pharmaceutical planning, integrated primary care delivery, and a guide to applied political analysis for health reform.

Today, more than ever, India is challenged to meet the health needs of its people. The India Health Systems Project is motivated by the goal of advancing health system reforms in India to provide equitable access to good quality of care and financial risk protection for its citizens. The Project adopts a system approach to assess the strengths and weaknesses of India’s current health care system, identify underlying causes, propose potential solutions drawing on best practices within India and international experience, and, finally, to monitor and evaluate progress and impacts of reforms.

Funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is gratefully acknowledged.