Application materials for the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health MIRT Program for summer 2018 are now available to download. Please read the application packet carefully. It is your responsibility to see that your completed application is received by Friday January 5, 2018.

MIRT Fellowship Application Summer 2018

The application packet consists of:

(1) General Information Sheet
(2) Student Responsibility Sheet
(3) Application Form
(4) Three Recommendation Forms
(5) Checklist
(6) Curriculum Vitae or Resume

Your completed application form, recommendation forms and a copy of your transcript are due to the Harvard Chan School of Public Health MIRT Program Office by January 5, 2018. NO APPLICATION PACKETS WILL BE PROCESSED IF ANY OF THESE ITEMS ARE MISSING.

FIRST, fill out the application form completely, typing all of your responses.
SECOND, complete the essay questions, typing all of your responses.
THIRD, fill in the top part of the recommendation form. Then give the form to the appropriate individual to complete. Indicate to each reference that your application will not be evaluated without these forms. Select these individuals carefully since they are important in the evaluation process. Instruct the evaluators to return the forms to you in a sealed envelope with their signature across the seal.

Recommendations must come from:

A. Academic Counselor, Academic Advisor or Mentor
B. Science Professor or Research Preceptor
C. Employer or Personal Reference (non-family)

Ask him/her to fill out the form promptly, place the completed form in a sealed envelope with their signature across the flap and return it to you to include in your application packet. Submit the recommendations with your application.

FOURTH, contact the registrar at your school and request that a copy of your transcripts be sent to you in a sealed envelope. Submit the transcripts with your application. Please attach the transcripts of every college and university you have ever attended (whether or not a degree was awarded). The transcripts you attach should be the same as those listed under ‘Colleges and Universities Attended’ on the application form.

All qualified applicants will be interviewed after the application deadline. Final selection is based on your application and the interview. You will be notified of your fellowship award in March.

Thank you for your cooperation. Good luck with your application!

For further information on application procedures or eligibility requirements, please contact:

Multidisciplinary International Research Training (MIRT) Program
Department of Epidemiology | Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
677 Huntington Avenue, Kresge 501 | Boston, MA 02115
o: 617-432-2289 |