Security is important, especially when your project falls under the spotlight of the Harvard name. It’s critical for your data to always be secure. A recognizable brand, like Harvard, makes all projects at the School potential the targets for attack.

On a monthly basis the School sees over:

  • 13,000 visits from blacklisted or dangerous locations
  • 5,000 visits from dangerous “bots” (computer programs that visit the site instead of a person)
  • 200 malicious attackers
  • Multiple DDoS attacks (bots that flood servers with traffic until the website cannot function)
  • And thousands of other creative attacks.

The level of security required to defend against these attacks can be extremely expensive and requires multiple full-time employees to monitor and defend. By choosing Affiliate Sites for your projects, you get this defense and security absolutely free. A third party solution could cost up to  $10,000 a month for the level of security the University can provide. 

The best part? This security comes with no extra complications. You simply access your site the same way you access other Harvard resources, with Harvard Key.

It’s really that simple.