What Are Shortcodes and Why Should I Use Them?

Shortcodes are specialized WordPress snippets that allow you to quickly and easily add different forms of content to your pages on the HSPH website. They allow video, images, and audio, among many other things!

Visit the WordPress Shortcodes page for more information and a complete list of codes.

How Do I Upload an Image/File?

A file can be almost anything [see supported filetypes for a detailed description]; the Media section of WordPress is where it is stored and accessed.

To upload a file, hover on the Media section in the nav bar on the left side and click on the Add New link, which will take you to the Upload New Media screen. You’ll see a box where you can upload media by clicking the Select Files button. A file window will show up where you can select one or more files. Once selected, click the Open button. That’s it! WordPress will start uploading your selected media. If there are any issues, WP will let you know with a meaningful error message.

[If you have any questions or issues, copy the error message and send it to the Help Desk, requesting a ticket be opened to the Web Team, subject ‘WP File Upload Error Question’]

You can see what the uploaded media has for settings in the library by clicking on the Show link to the right of each piece of uploaded media.

What is the Maximum File Size Allowed?

We support 10 meg maximum file uploads; if you need more, please contact the Help Desk and open a ticket to the Web Team, subject ‘WP File Upload Size Question’.

What File Types are Supported for the Media Library?

The following file types are supported:

  • MS PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX)
  • MS Excel (XLS, XLSX, CSV)
  • MS Word (DOC, DOCX)
  • PDF (PDF)
  • Other Text (RTF, TXT)
  • XML (XML)
  • Images (JPG, GIF, PNG)
  • Video (MOV, MP4, SWF, FLA)
  • Audio (MP3, SWF, FLA, OGG)

If you have any questions or do not see the filetype you need listed here, please call the Help Desk and open a ticket to the Web Team, with subject ‘WP Filetype Question’.