LaTeX Support

WordPress @ HSPH supports LaTeX formula inclusion; please visit this page for information on how to structure your formulas for correct display: LaTeX Formatting.

What Other Training Opportunities Are Out There?

If you are interested in more advanced topics in WordPress or want to meet others working with WordPress, there is an very active Greater Boston WordPress community in Boston.  There are monthly meet-ups as well as an outstanding (and nearly free) annual conference called “WordCamp” hosted by Boston University.  At the meet-ups and at WordCamp, there are beginner as well as advanced topics.

Boston WordCamp 2012

Boston WordPress Meet Ups
“The Boston WordPress Meetup is a Meetup group for fans of WordPress, the most popular open source blogging engine. Join us once a month to learn more about WordPress and meet other WP fans, including SEO gurus, theme designers, plugin developers, bloggers, and beginners. Traditionally, we meet at the Microsoft New England Research & Development Center for a presentation, Q&A session, and casual networking. When we don’t have a formal event planned, join us for informal social events at nearby restaurants and pubs.
Boston WordPress events are held in the evenings, on the last Monday of every month, unless otherwise noted.”

Twitter: @bostonwp
Global Hashtag: #bostonwp