Responsive Design

Responsive DesignResponsive design means creating websites that gracefully scale to a viewing device’s screen size, providing an optimal viewing experience. The term was originally popularized in Ethan Marcotte’s 2010 article in the online magazine A List Apart where he proposed responsive design as a solution to a marketplace with constantly diversifying Internet-connected devices. In today’s world, there are thousands of different devices of this kind, each with its own screen size and shape.

Of rapidly growing importance are mobile Internet devices:

  • The HSPH website’s mobile traffic increased 22% in 2013 compared with 2012.
  • Mobile phones and tablets currently account for over 30% of our Web traffic.
  • 34% of mobile Internet subscribers use their mobile device as their primary Internet connectivity.

And this use of mobile devices can be expected to grow at an even faster pace in the future.

As a website administrator, you can focus on a number of areas to ensure that your site is ready for an increasingly mobile world: