Add a Widget

Getting Started

1. Open the site’s WordPress Dashboard.

2. Go to Appearance Widgets (See Figure 1.1)

Figure 1.1

Widget Overview

Figure 1.2 provides an overview of the widget-edit interface provided by the WordPress platform.

Figure 1.2

1. Available Widgets:

The HSPH WordPress platform provides a variety of widgets that can be enabled.

Note: This example illustrates the process of adding a “Custom Menu” widget to the “Main Sidebar” of the site.

2. Sample Widget:

Drag-and-Drop the desired widget with a simple selection with your cursor.

3. Sidebar Area:

Designated sidebar sections display the widgets on the site.

Editing Widget Items

Figure 1.3 depicts the process of editing a widget item after dragging it into the desired sidebar location.

Figure 1.3

1. Provide a title.

2. Select the menu to be displayed.

3. Determine widget visibility across selected pages or site-wide.

Note: Save changes made to your widget item by selecting the “Save” Button.