Create a New Page

Getting Started

1. Open the site’s WordPress Dashboard.

2. Go to Pages > Add New  (See Figure 1.1)

Figure 1.1


Figure 1.2 depicts the basic features provided by the WordPress platform.

Figure 1.2

1. Add a Title.

2. Provide page content.

3. Format content with the simple toolbar.

Advanced Features

Figure 1.3 depicts the advanced feature widgets provided on the right hand sidebar of the WordPress platform.

Figure 1.3

1. Publish:

  1. Status: Select if the page is a draft, needs review, or can be published.
  2. Visibility: Select the level of access required from users.
  3. Publish: Select if you want the page published immediately or delayed to a later date.

2. Page Attributes:

  1. Parent: Select a parent page as a domain.
  2. Order: Determine the order a group of sub pages will appear if they are listed.

3. Featured Image:

Select to set a featured image if you wish to have a thumbnail image associated with the page.