Create a New Post

Getting Started

1. Open the site’s WordPress Dashboard.

2. Go to Posts Add New (See Figure 1.1)

Figure 1.1


Figure 1.2 depicts the basic post-features provided by the WordPress platform.

Figure 1.2

1. Add a Title.

2. Provide post content.

3. Format content with the simple toolbar.

Advanced Features

Figure 1.3 depicts the advanced post-feature widgets provided on the right hand sidebar of the WordPress platform.

Figure 1.3

1. Publish: 

  1. Status: Select if the post is a draft, needs review, or can be published.
  2. Visibility: Select the level of access required from users.
  3. Publish: Select if you want the post published immediately or delayed to a later date.

2. Tags:

  1. Provide keywords that describe the post’s content
  2. Assign tags that are relevant and can be searched by a browser

3. Categories:

  1. Organize posts by assigning a category.
  2. Improve site archival by categorizing post content.