Building and Editing a Carousel

Getting Started

1. Select to edit the Page you wish to add or edit a carousel.

Carousel Setup

Figure 1.1 depicts the HSPH procedure to enable carousel builds and modifications using the WordPress platform.

Figure 1.1

1. Page Attributes (*Template Setting):

To enable the carousel feature:

  • Locate the Template setting (Page Attributes section).
  • Select “Front Page Template”.

2. Carousel Slides:

A brief overview of the page’s current carousel.

  • Select current carousel items to edit content or remove entirely.

3. Add Item:

Add new carousel items by clicking the “Add Item” Button.

Editing Carousel Items

Figure 1.2 illustrates the process of adding and editing carousel items.

Figure 1.2

1. New Story:

  • Selecting the “Add Item” Button will create a “New Story” Carousel Slide.

2. Sample Carousel Item:

  • Provide a Title
  • Link to a unique URL
  • Provide a brief Description
  • Enhance your carousel item with an image Thumbnail
  • Remove Carousel items

3. Publish:

  • Select “Update” to save all changes.