Upload a File

Getting Started

1. Open the site’s WordPress Dashboard.

2. Go to Media Add New (See Figure 1.1)

Figure 1.1

Basic Upload

Figure 1.2 depicts the basic file-upload procedures provided by the WordPress platform.

File Upload - Stage 2
Figure 1.2

1.  “Drag-and-Drop” Files or Select Files.

2. File being “Dragged” and “Dropped” into field.

3. Uploaded files provide a quick edit option.

Edit File/Media

Figure 1.3 depicts the media file edit options provided by the WordPress platform.

File Upload - Edit File
Figure 1.3

1. File Title:

Change/Edit the file title.

2. Alternative Text:

  1. Displays text if image cannot load
  2. Promotes Search Engine Optimization

Note: Caption and Description fields are provided to the user.

3. File Options:

  1. Provides file URL, type, and dimensions.
  2. Update user desired requirements.